In January 2016, FD Labs was born in a fraternity at UC Berkeley. Here the notion of freedom and rebellion manifested into a product that would forever change the craft of rolling. This product, RollBud, sets the stage for a pipeline of products designed to optimize the leisure time of the modern smoker.
     FD Labs prides itself on a balance of innovation, style, new tech, and ancient methods. A holistic design approach with deep roots in California culture separates us from the noise that has entered the booming cannabis sector. We believe that by holding close the virtues of freedom, community, tradition, and openness, we can conquer this over-saturated world of empty interaction.
     FD Labs is centered around the pursuit of enlightenment, bliss, and the betterment of oneself. Our goal is to provide unique value through our products, our platform, and our vision: that FD Labs will serve to modernize leisure on a global scale. Until then, enjoy what we have to offer and, as always, stay elevated.

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